The misalignment of two eyes is called a squint / strabismus. It may be present from birth or may be acquired later in life. It is a myth that squint cannot be corrected.

Why squint should be corrected? – because there is

  • Loss of binocular vision (inability to use both eyes together)
  • Loss of stereoacuity (3 D vision)
  • Decreased vision in the squinting eye (amblyopia / lazy eye
  • Abnormal head posture (head tilt or face turn)
  • Diplopia/ double vision
  • Negative psychosocial and emotional impact due to poor cosmesis.

Squint treatment –

Squint can be corrected at any age. The earlier it is corrected; the better quality of vision is achieved. There are various options to correct squint depending on its type and grade-

Squint (Cockeye) Surgery:

There are total 6 extra ocular muscles in each eye. Squint surgery is performed on these muscles. There is a thorough squint examination done before surgery for measuring the amount of squint. Depending on type and amount of squint, we decide the number of muscles and type of muscles to be operated on.

Squint surgery cannot be done by laser. All across the globe it is done with the help of sutures. It is a relatively a safer surgery with minimal risk of complications.

The type of anaesthesia used is

-Local anaesthesia – for adults
-General anaesthesia – for children.

Other Treatment Modality
  • Spectacles
  • Prism glasses
  • Patching / occlusion therapy
  • Exercises – home based & office based.
  • Botox injections