What is cataract?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of your eye and is the natural part of the ageing process. Sometimes it may be caused due to trauma, side effect of some medications, infective diseases, inflammatory diseases etc.

Cataract causes gradual progressive loss of vision. You may have trouble reading or doing other everyday activities.

How does it affect vision?


It causes faded colours, blurred vision, glares, haloes, frequent change of your existing glasses.

Cataract surgery:

Surgery is the only way to remove the cataracts from the eye. It is done by phacoemulsification surgery or most commonly known as laser surgery. The incision taken for the surgery is ~3mm and self-sealing, so there is hardly any need of sutures postoperatively. The cataract is first broken down into smaller pieces/fragments and then removed with the help of Phaco-porbe. As the natural lens is removed from the eye it is replaced with foldable artificial lenses. There are various subtypes of Lenses available. You can decide the best option of lens for you after discussing thoroughly with your surgeon.

Some facts.

  • Surgery is the only treatment for cataracts.
  • Surgery should not be delayed till the cataract is mature.
  • Any cataract which causes blurring of vision that interferes with one’s daily activities should be operated.
  • Surgery can be done in any season with modern technology.
  • There are no diet restrictions and no need for bed rest.